A Quick Way to Get Tanned – Winter Tanning

A Quick Way to Get Tanned - Winter Tanning

A Quick Way to Get Tanned - Winter Tanning

Way to Get Tanned:

In western culture, a bright brownish skin is regarded as beautiful and sexually attractive. But not all tanning process is healthy for your skin. However, there are various healthy ways of tanning skin speedily. This article discussed a few of them.
Contrary to peoples view, spending a couple of hours on the sun is actually healthy and helps the body produce Vitamin D. But if you entertain worries about the risk of skin cancer from sun exposure, spray tans or self-tanning lotions are the best options for you.
You can get tanned after a few minutes on a tanning bed. But a tanning bed exposes you to high risk of skin cancer, because of its harmful UV (ultraviolet)bulbs content.
Below are different tanning options. Select the one that matches your fast- tan desire.
Select a base lotion or oil that contains a low SPF.
For fast tanning, apply lotion or oil that has low SPF (sun protection factor)content, and always be sure that your skin is protected from the sun’s powerful rays. Select between aerosol sprays, rub-on lotions, and oil rubs and mists all contains some SPF.
 Select your preferred  SPF between 4 and 15 considering the strength of your base tan. To avoid sunburn SPF 15 will be the best choice, it is your first-time exposure to the summer season.
A Spray or an oil tan are most chosen tan lotions, because of their watery form that makes it easier to apply. After applying a spray also rub on the hand.
Tanning lotions and oil are available in the beauty salon or local drugstores. They are also available from Hawaiian Tropics, Australian Gold, Banana Boat, and Maui Babe.
Don’t tan your lips, avoid dry lips by wearing a lip balm with at least SPF 15.
Apply good base tan with natural oil. I don’t want to use store-bought stuff, once you have a nice base tan you can freely make use of natural oil. Before exposure to the sun make sure you first apply natural tan-enhancer, then after tanning wash with soap and water.

Below is a list of natural oil:

Wheat-germ oil
Olive oil
Sunflower oil
Coconut oil
Hazelnut oil
Avocado oil
Sunflower oil
Sesame oil

Liquid from Green Tea:

Often turn your body like cooking dry meat in the oven. It helps you get an even tan. You need to turn in 1/4 rotation every 30 minutes. Begin from your back, then your left side, stomach and finally your right side.
Stay in direct contact with the sun. When the sun change location moves to the new location in order to be on the direct sun always. With your little cloth on,  allow the sun to hit your skin very well, you can decide to carry out your activities outside the sun.
Position yourself under the sun from the hours of 10 am to 4 pm. It is true that dermatologist adviced against the sun especially when it is at its peak . But that is the best time to get the best result if tanning.
If you want to tan all your body, stay under the sun naked maybe in a more confidential location like the back of the house. Make sure that the sun hit all over your body for a fast tan.
There are certain reflective materials like a reflective towel or a reflective sheet. They actually magnify and focus the sun on the skin. A good number of them are in the market. Get a reflective towel or purchase a reflective sunscreen. Set the sunscreen on 45 degrees to allow the sun to hit your skin.
Water draws and reflects sunlight, get floaties to lie down on the floating equipment or lie down near the stream your body will get sunlight.
Always make sure you apply low SPF (sun protection factor) oil or lotion. When you come in contact with water, reapply your lotion and oil at least every 2 hours

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