Akkermansia Muciniphila In The Human Gut

Human Gastrointestinal Track

Gastrointestinal Track were A. muciniphila is found.

How do we support Akkermansia Muciniphila  levels in the human Gut?

A. Muciniphila also known as Akkermansia Muciniphila is a mucin-degrading bacterium commonly found in human gut (gastrointestinal track).There is ongoing research on ways to isolate this bacterium and include it in a supplement. While the research is still ongoing, there is a focus on how to meliorate the amount of A. muciniphila in the gut. Take a little more caution on how you eat and live.

Learn how to ameliorate the amount of Akkermansia muciniphila in the gut.

 Stay away from gut-sabotaging foods:

Gut Sabotaging Food
Gut Sabotaging Food

Build a comfortable gut where healthy bacteria such as A. muciniphila can grow vigorously. Get rid of culprits that imbalance your gut and set the stage for numerous diseases including obesity. Avoid added sugar in all its many disguises, artificial sweeteners, and food sensitivities, including the top two—gluten and dairy.

Eat foods that promote A. muciniphila:

Foods that promote A. Muciniphila
Foods that promote A. Muciniphila in the Gut

Substitute added sugar food with the diets which trigger a wide array of gut-supporting foods that optimize A. muciniphila levels. Intake of foods rich in probiotics, such as cultured and fermented foods support healthy gut flora.
Research has been conducted on specific foods that naturally increase A. muciniphila.

A study stated that polyphenols specifically the ones found in grapes—could increase the growth of A. muciniphila to promote gut health and prevent inflammation and metabolic syndrome. Another study proved that a specific type of polyphenol called ellagitannins that is present in foods like pomegranate could promote the growth of A. muciniphila.

Eat foods with high probiotic content:

Foods with Prebiotics
Foods with high Probiotics

Probiotics can  resist heat.  That keeps them intact during the baking process and allow them to be present into every day food. Foods like Jerusalem artichokes and raw scallions are excellent sources of probiotics . These are the foods that probiotics—the healthy gut bacteria—feed on. Probiotics aid to normalize A. muciniphila.  Study Proved that using probiotics like inulin could encourage the growth and prevent degradation of  A. muciniphila bacterium.

Regular intake of probiotic supplement and other gut-supporting nutrients:

Gut supporting supplement provides the right amount of nutrients, even the healthiest person can’t get from food.  These nutrients include probiotics, which helps to compete against unfavorable flora to protect us from harmful pathogens(harmful microorganism). In reality, probiotics promote the growth of other beneficial bacteria not added in the probiotic supplement.

Be mindful of overall gut health:

Your daily food intake can go a long way toward promoting gut health and optimizing levels of A. muciniphila to keeYourlean and healthy. Also, your daily activities which include how you move, manage stress,  sleep, meditate can also have a thrilling effect supporting gut health.
And include, in the next few years, new gut-health products that are rich thrilling effect bacterium  will be available.
In Belgium a new company is currently conducting research on how to produce the first bacterium with probiotic supplement.
In, summary:
Don’t wait for the scientist to include their research, promote a healthy gut with the right diets and lifestyle. These factors for scientist optimize your gut health so that you can maintain a moderate body size, healthy and full of energy.

The next article will discuss more on how to find the right probiotic supplement and other gut-supporting nutrients.

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