Apple’s Plan Big For Netflix Game Services

Apple's Plan Big For Netflix Game Services

Apple's Plan Big For Netflix Game Services

Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed in an interview early this year that Apple has multiple new services in store for 2019. After the Apple iPhone, the iCloud storage and Apple Music has been the major revenue stream for Apple. Considering the gradual yet significant drop in Apple iPhone sales, Apple needs new services to boost its revenue to $50 billion come 2020. Features like game subscription can give Apple that major boost.

Apple’s plan for Netflix game Services

According to a report from Cheddar, the game subscription could have features like that of Netflix. Hence, consumers will have to pay a subscription fee to access the games of their choice at the iPhone and iPad.
However, the actual cost of Apple game subscription and how it will work for developers and gamers is yet unknown.
If Apple becomes a publisher for gamers and developers, it could make the cost of subscription a bit friendly. Again, customer acquisition and marketing will be cheaper. There might also be some game features with the popular title made specifically for Apple game subscribers by the company.
There is no hint yet on when Apple will lunch its gaming service but there is background rumor of Apple magazine subscription and TV streaming services with Apple original brand TV shows going on.
Selling services to consumers is now more important to Apple than selling hardware

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