Apple’s TV streaming service- Netflix declines from being part of Apple TV.

Apple versus Netflix- TV

Apple’s TV

 Netflix TV:

When it comes to streaming video, Apple is the biggest fish in the pond against Netflix.
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has said that Netflix won’t take part in Apple streaming TV which might be officially unveiled next week.
Apple new TV streaming services will have subscription feature and original TV Apple show. All will be one size fit all app, offered to other streaming services in a user-friendly way. Neflix in the other has not figured out how taking part in Apple TV for subscribers will be of any benefit.
According to Reed Hastings, Apple is a big fish on its own. But Netflix wants consumers to access their shows on Netflix TV. Hastings said this on Monday at a press event.

Apple versus Netflix- TV:

It is no surprise that Netflix has come up with this decision because the two companies have not been getting along well over these years. Apple made a significant move into original content, Netflix withheld its subscriptions through the App store because 30% of the generated revenue goes to Apple.
The 7:3 ratio remains a sticking point even with other streamers. Other TVs such as the HBO and Showtime are almost at the threshold of signing in; though it is still unclear if they will finally join the service. According to Netflix content boss, Apple does not generate reasonable revenue for the company.
Other companies such as AT&T’s WarnerMedia and Disney are also potential Netflix competitors as they are coming out with their original streaming service brand this year. To Reed Hastings, there is nothing to worry about besides multiple winners can be spotted.
According to Reed, competition inspires creativity, he believes the company will do even better with multiple competitors. Although others are well-funded companies too.
Full details of Apple’s streaming service will be communicated soon. Apple will have to debut a news subscription service. Today the company came out with new iPads, it could be that the upcoming event will be more of new services.

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