Dangers of Belly Fat That You Never Knew

Belly fat

Belly fat

How can you tell if you are too apple-shaped? Having a waistline greater than 40 inches or 102 centimeters in men and 35 inches or 89 centimeters for women is known as abdominal obesity.  It is easy to measure at home with a tape measure. Below are some benefits of losing belly fat.


Dangers of Belly Fat


Excess belly fat is linked with pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, rectal cancer, colon cancer. It goes with other kinds of cancer irrespective of body weight. Excess belly fat leads to an increase in hormone which is the major risk of cancer. Researchers have found that getting rid of even little weight is helpful to reduce the risk of cancer.



Moderate weight helps the cells to function properly. According to researchers, the release of the proper amount of insulin from the pancreas reduces the risk of diabetes. Excess belly fat weakens the liver thereby leading to the inability of the liver to recognize when to stop the release of additional glucose in the bloodstream. It also weakens insulin signaling and reduces glucose uptake by muscle cells. This leads to cancer risk (Ali Webster, Ph.D.). According to Ali Webster, Ph.D., RD, the pancreas has several other information for us.



Sleep apnea and snoring can only be controlled when excess belly fat is reduced. The belly fat causes obstruction of breath. Researchers have found out that to enhance the quality of sleep, reduction of belly fat is necessary.



Excess belly fat causes infertility in both male and female. ln female,  it is the major cause of  irregular periods and abnormal menstrual cycles. According to Valdez, excess fat leads to the production of excess estrogen which leads to hormone imbalance. It has an effect on women trying to conceive while in men excess fat affect reproductive potential and leads to erectile dysfunction.



Excess belly fat affects joint negatively. It pressures the knees thereby leading to arthritis. According to researchers, fat tissues releases inflammatory substances which leads to arthritis development. While fewer pro-inflammatory produce by a moderate person will reduce arthritis risk.


Getting rid of excess weight is indeed associated with many benefits. Having a good physical look down to living healthy lives. However, it is never possible to live healthy with belly fat.


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