Debit card with inbuilt fingerprint begins trial in the UK

Debit card with inbuilt finger print

Debit card with inbuilt finger print

The new NFC debit card with an inbuilt fingerprint scanner is presently undergoing trial in the UK. British bank NatWest will include 200 customers in the trial process by mid -April. This process will offer NFC payments to participants. However,  no contact is required, pin number, or signature. Also, the standard £30 limit for contactless payments will not apply to transactions made with a fingerprint.

Who Can Use it?

Anyone can use NFC (Debit card with inbuilt fingerprint) means of payment by simply tapping their card on the terminal to make payment. However, this process lacks security; because of that, payment has been limited to £30. As for huge sum, you will be required to place your card into the card reader and enter a pin. This method is called the “Chip and PIN” method. Even with the mobile authentication for mobile payments, customers are still limited to the same £30 limit.

100% Scam Free!

Again, There is no physical information for scammers to hack your account. The fingerprint data is stored locally. This process is much secured compared to PIN that hackers can easily memorize at a glance or even from your bank’s central database.
The Debit card with inbuilt fingerprint (NFC) uses biometric authentication for mobile payment. Since 2015, this method of payment was tried, yet it has not gained acceptance by traditional bank cards. In 2017, a trial was conducted in South Africa by the Gemalto, the company behind the biometric card technology. From the different trials conducted, they found that a customer needs to visit the bank before a transaction will be completed. This is not the same as other mobile payment services like Apple Pay or Google Pay.
Customers who participate in the trial must visit their bank. However, Gemalto expressed his hope through a video saying that future versions will make provision for customers to do it on their own using their gadgets.
With this new invention, many questions have arisen as to whether biometric cards are necessary since it inconveniences people. Again, modern smartphones can be used for payment, they also have fingerprint readers and face scammers for security purposes. The biometric card is still different since it is available to everyone with a qualifying bank account. Moreover, not everyone can afford a smartphone.
By Jon Porter

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