Easiest ways of detoxifying the body using seasonal fruits.

Simple Detox Juice Recipes For a Fast Weight Loss

Simple Detox Juice Recipes For a Fast Weight Loss

You might have stumbled over the word Detoxification at one time or the other. Perhaps, you have wondered how to get it done mostly with the seasonal fruits available. Worry no more. In this article, we have broken it down for you.
 Detoxification is the process of flushing out harmful substances from the body system.
There are countless reasons why you should get detoxified from time to time.


  1. Detoxification Is very crucial because it relieves the body from harmful substances such as toxins in the environment.
  2. To stay healthy, it is necessary to detoxify our body regularly.
  3. Detoxification help improves metabolic functions, prevent ailments and improves beautiful skin and hair.
Interestingly, by including some seasonal fruits in your diet you can easily detoxify and enjoy a clean and healthy body.
Here is a list of fruit you can serve as detoxifier :


 The use of lemon is an effective way of detoxification. Its high cleansing property helps in the gastric problem. It works better when taken with hot water preferable first thing in the morning. For best result, mix with warm water and a slice of root ginger. A good source of vitamin c.


Papaya is a great antioxidant that helps in fighting against common cold or flu. It is rich in nutrients like vitamin A, magnesium and potassium.
An enzyme known as papain found in papaya helps in both indigestion and breakdown of protein.
Papaya also prevents lung and mouth cancer because it contains beta-carotene. Just slice papaya and consume.


Grapefruit is rich in nutrients which build the immune system, prevent fever and it’s burning sensation, also serves as protection against some diseases.
Grapefruit is a good source of fibre. Additionally, it boosts metabolism, aids digestion, absorbs food, improves energy, reduces anaemia and sharpens the appetite.


Apple serves as a detoxifier. It contains high minerals, vitamins, fibres and also some special properties known as phytochemical and pectin.
The pectin in apple eliminates food additives and metals in our body.
 Also, the acid contents in apple known as malic and tartaric help in digestion. Just consume raw apple with the skin. Go for organic apple.


Eating berries help the body to generate fatty acid called butyrate, which aids fat reduction and keeps you in shape.
Berries are a good source of vitamins c and fibre. Consuming a cup of blackberry is equal to 7.6 fibre.
 There are various kinds of berries which can aid detoxification. Some of them are – strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, blackcurrant and blueberry.
For better result, blend the berries, squeeze out the juice, mix with water, allow to stay for about 30 minutes and consume.


pomegranate is rich in vitamin c and fibre. It Improves the function of the heart and controls the cholesterol level.
pomegranate is best taken in a juicy form because when consumed,  it takes longer for the seed to digest.


Pineapple is known to contain an enzyme called bromelain, which aids in the breakdown of protein, reduction of inflammation and support in relieve of arthritis and injury recovery.
It is always advisable to consume fresh pineapple rather than canned pineapple. In canned pineapple, the enzyme bromelain has been destroyed in the production process.

In summary

The use of fruits is the best and easiest way to detoxify the body.
They are considered as the powerhouses of essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fibre required for detoxification. Consume fruits and stay healthier.

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