The Hidden Powers of Green Tea

Green tea

Green tea

Green tea intake enhances exercise endurance by converting the fatty acid in the body into useful energy. Caffeine (antioxidant) in green tea aid physical performance and exertion as well as protect the body tissues.



According to researchers, women who take green tea have a lower risk of cancer. Green tea also has other positive health benefits such as – Ovarian, esophageal, skin, stomach cancer and bladder protection. Below are some types of cancer.


–  The Colorectal Cancer:

A study conducted with 69,710 Chinese women proved that women who consume green tea are less likely to suffer Colorectal Cancer.


–  Prostate Cancer:

This form of Cancer is usually common in the male gender. However, men who take green tea regularly have a lesser chance of being infected than those who do not. They also have decreased chances of getting infected with other forms of cancer.


– Pancreatic Cancer:

According to a clinical study conducted, 50% of women who are regular green tea drinkers hardly develop pancreatic cancer. Women who do not are prone to disease.



Green tea manages bad breath (mouth odor). The catechin which is one of the contents of green tea kills the bacteria Streptococcus mutans responsible for tooth decay. Not that alone, green tea also lowers the number of viruses such as influenza virus.

Regular consumption of green tea lowers the risk of infection, improves dental health and manages dental issues.



Green tea improves bowel health by reducing Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) such as the Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis diseases. It also aids digestion.



Green tea forms alkaline in the body. At this stage, the minerals in the bone are prevented from leaching away and a proper blood PH is maintained. The alkalines help makes the bones stronger.



Green tea contains so many antibacterial and antiviral bioactive compounds. These compounds kill bacterial, inhibit viruses and are alkaline in the blood. They can prevent the body from cold and simple flu caused by bacteria and viruses in the environment.



Both water and tea are diuretics in nature. The general belief that caffeine dehydrates is in fact false. Furthermore, studies have shown that both water and caffeine maintain hydration at the same rate. Caffeine can only dehydrate when added in excess. In fact, a mixture of water and caffeine (in moderation) keeps the body hydrated.



Consuming more than 5 cups of tea daily reduce diseases and viruses. These are the most common cause of ill health and death. General death and death resulting from heart disease among Japanese adults reduced among those who drink tea regularly. Regular drinkers are 76 percent less likely to die within 6 years. Since green tea protects the body from diseases such as cardiovascular disease, it makes sense that it aids longevity.



L-theanine an amino acid in green tea reduces physiological and psychological stress responses. It increases dopamine and creates alpha waves in the brain. Furthermore, it aids relaxation, reduces depression and increases the activities of the inhibitory neurotransmitter( GABA) which reduces anxiety. L- theanine is an active content of the green tea.



Green tea has lots of health benefits. Consuming the recommended quantity (5 cups or more) daily yields a better result.


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