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Little sleeping, cool feeling.

You might have wondered whether little hours of sleep affect your productivity. To be realistic, it does affect your daily activity. However, the fast pacing way of life that confronts almost everyone daily has led to a rethink. What do I mean? I mean is time to face the fact that many hours of sleep does not fit into an urban lifestyle.

Let’s take a reality check:

There are no fixed hours of sleep. Some days, you might catch up to three hours of sleep. On a different day, it could be an additional one hour making it four hours. You sleep because your body demanded it or simply because you are tired and not because you want to carry out the healthy regime of relaxation. How surprising it is that you can give your bodies extra push to stay up in theatre, in front of the laptop, at bars and not in bed.
We spend more hours awake than we spend asleep. Though this truth might sound impractical especially on a daily basis, we must tune into this lifestyle where you work more and sleep less.
Sleep deprivation is indeed not appreciated as the body deserves some good rest. With the revised sleep schedule where you sleep less and blink your eye more, your body needs to be compensated. Below are a few guides on how you can perform your best even with few hours sleep. Combating sleep with the following habits is recommendable because it keeps you more productive.

 Ways to Combat Sleep Deprivation: 

 Discover Your Sleep Schedule:

You have committed no offense if you have a few hours of sleep. But waking up in between a sleep cycle definitely is an offense. Each person has a different sleep cycle. If you have a complete cycle of sleep, there is no doubt you will feel fresh during the day compared to someone who had an interrupted cycle. Discover your cycle, tune your body in.

 Face The Sun:

Gaze at the sun each morning to sharpen your senses ahead of the day’s activities. The morning sun has the power to loosen you from laziness and stimulates your brain. Again, it helps you comprehend better and keeps you fit for your day’s activity.

 Minimize coffee intake:

A cup of coffee is enough for the day. The very first cup of coffee refreshes you and keeps you at alert. Outside of this, the subsequent cups does nothing than dehydrate your body and aids fatigue. Substitute coffee intake with other drinks such as healthy drinks and fresh juice.

Take a Power Nap:

Reset your biological clock by taking a short nap sometimes during the day. You can retire on the couch for a few minutes or gently lower your head on your table and take a power nap. Calm yourself and enjoy a few minutes of serenity. There is no doubt that you will feel refreshed and more focused.

Keep yourself hydrated:

While you may feel tired or dreamy at midday, do not hold it on the extra work right before you. Mostly, you feel the way you do because your brain is gradually losing out of focus. Rehydrating your system is a great way of regaining your focus to keep you going.
Take enough healthy fluid such as water to increase the flow of oxygen into your brain. Another way is to start your day with at least two glasses of water that immediately put your senses at work. Try this morning water therapy for a few days and start feeling the thirst as soon as you leave your bed.

 Snack light at regular intervals:

Your body needs constant compensation for being deprived of sleep. Go in for some snacks, light yogurt, fruits, nuts or even granola bar at least at short intervals. Snacking gives you the feeling of fullness and holds you back from eating a large quantity of food while at the lunch table. Heavy foods, on the other hand, leaves you feeling heavy and with a tired outlook. Thus, it pulls you right down on your desk.

Move around and stretch yourself:

Take a brief walkout in the morning and be better prepared for the day. You can jog, brisk walk, stretch or take a little exercise. These activities keep you mentally alert, gives you a brighter outlook and helps you remain optimistic with a new zeal. You will be better prepared for any task.

Have a Laugh:

As crazy as it sounds, take a few minutes off and have a good laugh. You can surf the internet for jokes, share one with your colleague or even scroll through your Facebook feeds for jokes. However, you need to remember you are at work so that you don’t get lost and scroll mindlessly.  Laughter can give you an instant kick leaving you more brightened. If you have not tried it before, ease your mind by laughing. Try laughing next time you think you are not meeting up, it is not out of place if you can laugh perhaps at yourself.

 Shut Down and take a Break:

While struggling to meet up with the work before you, it is not out of place to stop, stretch and look around. It is ideal to gaze at something different such as the flower pot on your table, the office floor or even visit the restroom. Keep your eyes off the monitor at intervals and do not keep looking at the shiny necklace on your colleague’s neck. If you fear that moving around might disturb others, simply pull your chair back and have a stretch. This signals the brain that although a lot has been accomplished, more are still ahead.

 Take a Hot-Cold- Hot Shower:

Researchers have discovered that taking a combination of hot – cold- hot shower prepares the brain for the day’s activity. According to them, hot shower induces sleep. After you finish cleaning yourself with hot water, switch over to cold water and then back to hot water. This combination stimulates the brain, keeps you away from laziness, and brightens your outlook.

Tune in to your favorite songs:

Music has a therapeutic effect on your mind; especially if you have deprived your body some sleep. It is adviced that you load your iPod with your favorite songs and tune into it as you drive to work. Such music uplifts your sagging mind and relieves you from tension. Music can also keep you focused and reactivate you mentally. It has the power to energize you, keep you relaxed as well as soothe your nerves.


 Discover your sleep patterns and align them according to your activities. Remember, it’s better you have a short uninterrupted sleep than a long interrupted hour of sleep. Mold them as per your requirements. Take advantage of the flexibility of sleep patterns and feel fresh even with little hours of sleep.

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