Israeli Researcher Discovers World’s Longest Salt Cave

Longest Salt Cave

Longest Salt Cave

The passage and chambers are some 10km 6.2 miles of inside Malham Cave. This area was mapped out over two years ago mindless of the Dead Sea.
The desert, where the accent salt cave is located, according to the Bible stories, is where Lots wife became a pillar of salt.
According to researchers, rain will soon lengthen the Malham, as expected.
Got missing in Asia’s deepest cave
Rainwater as researchers said flew down some salt particles from the cracks, dissolving them and creating channels towards the red sea. According to researchers, the channel created is said to be semi-horizontal.

World’s Longest Salt Cave

World's Longest Salt Cave
World’s Longest Salt Cave


Far back in the 1980s, part of the Malham cave was mapped out but the survey wasn’t completed. The Malham cave was said to run through Mount Sodom.
A couple of years ago, a member of the Isreal Explorer Club, Yoav Negev set out to get the survey completed with a team of researchers and some caving experts.
Boaz Langford, who came from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem explained what happened one evening at a dinner break. According to him, as the team was having their meal, they felt their pasta wasn’t properly seasoned, hence, they broke off some salt from one of the rocks in the cave and got their food seasoned.
The researchers further added that Malham has a 13-year record starting from 2006 by the Cave of the Three Nudes. The cave is measured to be 6.85kmĀ  which is equivalent to four miles salt cave in Iran’s Qeshm Island.

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