Reduce The Use of Plastic & Single-use Kitchen Items.

Single-use Kitchen Items

Single-use Kitchen Items

Introduce substitute storage:

 If you have become used to making use of Single-use Kitchen Items like plastic bags, you might find it challenging to adjust to substitute storage. As shown from the experience of many plastics user. But making such an adjustment is a reasonable decision. The cost of reusable plastic is reasonable. Introducing reusable storage bags will cost you less.
Disposable plastic bags and wrap cost the users more than $100 annually.
Evidently, when you upgrade to reusable storage bags also known “stashers”, you will cut down your expenses.
For example, Reusable heavy silicone zip-top bags called Stashers can stand both heat and cold. It can simply go from the freezer to the microwave, yet, it cost about $10 to $20 each. For five sets of food huggers, silicone disks for pieces of fruits and vegetables $ 12.95. Textile-covered with beeswax used for covering containers, wrapping sandwiches or strangely shape food, etc, cost $18, a pack of Trader Joe coated less than $10, Trader Joe’s made for lunch packing has a pack for under $10. Buying reusable will cut down unnecessary expenses on plastics that is by no means eco- friendly.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Recycling process help in the reduction of plastic and other kitchen disposable items. Most of our daily used items can undergo a recycling process and reduce the use of natural resources.

 Examples of recyclable materials:

We have gotten used to recycling papers, plastics, glass bottles, and aluminum cans. But items like milk, pizza boxes, eggs, Tetra Pak cartons, and plastic deli and pet food containers can also be recycled. Check online for recycling updates in your local jurisdiction. The rate of daily consumption of recyclable materials is high.
From a record, it was found that America can only recycle 34.7% (of its daily consumed recyclable materials.
For a wide variety of non-organic kitchen items, The TerraCycle company recommends, the purchase of a pack-and-ship zero-waste box. According to the company, there is an opportunity for a group purchase, like a group of friends, neighbors or co-workers. The various sizes are from 11x 11x 20 to 15 x 15 x 37. while the prize is from $130 to $475. TerraCycle company produce the largest box. the split among a group or sponsored by an employer is the most expensive. The box is returned to the company once it gets filled. The waste is immediately sorted according to their types such as fabrics, metals, fibers, and plastics. The TerraCycle work with many manufacturers to offer free recycling of hard-to-recycle items, like Clif Bar, energy bar wrappers and Brita water filters. They recycle recyclable materials to be reused.
Single-use Kitchen Items
Single-use Kitchen Items

Consider what to buy:

Always purchase sustainable items that are environmentally friendly not just convenient items. Such items are handy. Limit waste generation, do not use individual plastic for each product you purchase. Again avoid items that generate waste. Also avoid Juice boxes that include plastic straws, dishwasher tabs individually wrapped in plastic and coffee makers that use K-Cups. They create additional waste. when shopping always consider how the item is packaged. You may be pleased with the plastic window on that pasta box because is easier for you to see what the pasta inside looks like.  Also when you make an online purchase from online companies like Amazon or Jet, request that your item is sent with smaller boxes. If it finally comes in large boxes, contact the company through the service provider.

Cut down the use of disposables:

Avoid the use of paper towels in your kitchen. Just cut up old T-shirts or towels and use in the kitchen as wipe down surfaces. After cooking, wash and hang get for further use. You can also make use of bamboo paper towels, it is made from a highly renewable source and can be reused for 100 times. According to the bamboo paper user who was initially using paper towels, she was spending up to $15 per month on single-use paper towels. But a single roll of bamboo paper towels she bought for $7 has been used a full year with still more than half the roll remaining. A single bamboo towel can be used to clean counter tops and stove for a few weeks until it’s worn out. In this case, you just need to rinse the sheet in hot water and reuse. When getting kitchen sponge for yourself, watch out for those made with natural materials because they can be recycled.

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