Rooibos Tea

What is Rooibos Tea?

Rooibos tea is a red traditional herbal tea gotten from a shrub known as Aspalathus linearis. It is grown on the western coast of South Africa. Roobios tea comes in two forms – namely red and green Rooibos.
Red Rooibos is produced traditionally by allowing the leaves to ferment so that the reddish color can be achieved. Green Rooibos in the other hand is never allowed to ferment; rather, they maintain their natural flavor and greenish look with more antioxidant content.
Just like black tea, Rooibos tea can be consumed plain, with sugar, milk or honey.

Does Rooibos Tea have Health Benefits?

Rooibos is rich in Copper and Fluoride but low in Tannins and free from Caffeine and Oxalic acid. It is a good alternative to black tea and caffeine.
Rooibos contains a little quantity of Tennis which is present in greater quantity in both green and black tea and is a good source of vitamins and minerals.
Just like Tannins, caffeine is naturally present in both black tea and green tea. They are natural stimulants with health benefits if consumed in moderation.
Caffeine helps increase mental alertness, uplift the mood and enhances performance in exercise. But when taken in excess, it can lead to anemia and heart problems such as heart palpitations and increased anxiety.
Again Rooibos tea is a great alternative for individuals with kidney problem because it does not contain Oxalic acid which increases the risk of kidney stone when consumed in a greater quantity.
Rooibos contains high levels of an antioxidant such as aspalathin and quercetin essential for cell protection from free radicals, heart diseases, and cancer.
Consuming health-promoting tea over a long time will also reduce the risk of illnesses by boosting the immune system. However, the further study proved that the increased antioxidant level does not last long unless persistence is applied.
According to a study conducted with 15 persons, there was a 2.9% increase in blood levels of antioxidant among individuals who drank red Rooibos and 6.6% among those who drank the green Rooibos.
The participants drank 17 ounces of Rooibos tea, made with ten (10) leaves of Rooibos leaves. Although Rooibos is antioxidant-rich tea, its antioxidant can be easily absorbed by the body compared to placebo.

Rooibos tea is also highly recommended for a healthier heart in at least two different ways.

(1) Rooibos affects blood pressure – Drinking Rooibos tea inhibits the growth of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE). ACE contracts the blood vessel and thereby leading to increased blood pressure.
Studies have proven the ability of Rooibos to promote a healthier heart condition after 17 persons who drank Rooibos developed an inhibited ACE activity between 30 – 60 minutes after consumption. However, no changes in blood level were detected.
This signifies the possibility of Rooibos in stroke and heart attack reduction.
(2) Rooibos improves cholesterol levels –  Forthy (40) overweight individuals were made to take Six (6) cups of Rooibos each on a daily basis. The study showed decreased levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) and increased levels of HDL ( good cholesterol).
The duration of the study was six (6) weeks but a different effect was detected in healthy individuals.
Rooibos tea is a herbal tea, grown in the western coast of South Africa. It has both red and green varieties. Red Rooibos is primarily produced from fermented Rooibos leaves while the green variety is never allowed to ferment.
Rooibos tea has health benefits such as improved heart condition, controlled cholesterol level, decreased cancer risk and stroke and very favorable to blood pressure level.

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