Six Ways to Protect Credit Card During Mobile Payment

 Many has wondered how to protect Credit Card during mobile transactions.
Nowadays, modern facilities such as smartphones can be used  for credit card online payments; virtually in every sector and even down to daily purchase of goods and services. However ,extra caution is needed on the management  of your payment details and the number attached to your debit or credit cards. You can store your card number inside an app such as Apple Pay or Andriod pay on your smartphone. And to have a successful transaction using your smartphone, your phone has  be near the terminal so that the encrypted information required for payment could be read from your smartphone.
Mobile payment is safer in a few ways because during transaction only a coded version of the credit card details is used for transaction. Thus, it is difficult for hackers to access the details since the account details are not released in the course of transaction. Nevertheless,there are other safety guides used in mobile payment to ensure your account is safe. But always make payment  using a trusted platform .

1. Beware of False Mobile Applications:

Beware of false (fraudulent) apps created by hackers for the sole purpose of getting  your credit card details .If you are to have your payment details on your smartphone,endeavor to store it using available software in your phone such as Apple pay, Android pay,Google Wallet or Chase pay. Avoid third -party apps downloaded from the internet or even  from the mobile app store.

2. Avoid Fraudulent Apps:

Always download your apps from the right source to avoid downloading apps that contain spyware or malware on your smartphone. These and similar apps are created by hackers to be in possession of your payment details outside your knowledge in order to hack your credit card.

3. If Your Phone Gets Missing or Stolen-Lock it Remotely:

In case of  missing or stolen phone,visit to either locate or lock the phone. For  iPhone users,visit and for window devices ,visit

4. Use a Strong Password for your Credit Card:

Lock your cell phone always with a strong password to avoid thieves invading your private information on your device. Also avoid using the first four numerical  (1234) or the alphabet  (ABCD) as  password. Pay attention to security features available on  your mobile phones  such as – finger print unlock , iris scan, facial recognition etc while using your credit card. Your device will be more protected with them than with mere pin or simple password. In case you use a mere pin or password on your device, take note of shoulder surfers.

5. Never  Send Private Information Through Public Wi-Fi:

 Your payment information  can be exposed to thieves if you make payment with your phone after online purchase using public wi-fi .Also information shared using public wi-fi can be accessed by other users who knows how to surf the information. Better use your personal cellular network or well protected wi-fi from your home .
Credit card
Credit card

6. Avoid Debit Cards, Use Credit Cards:

Credit card  are more protected than debit cards .With credit cards, you are free from unauthorized charges from your card due to its zero fraud liability policies .While credit card  seem to be direct opposite of  credit card, it exposes you to the risk of losing your entire money through fraudulent charges. Remember, even if your payment details get to the wrong hands, it is better  to risk a credit card than a debit card.


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